CpuBench beta - Whetstone based Multicore Java CPU Benchmark via JNLP

Launch instructions:

The benchmark can be downloaded from here
Make sure that you have Java Runtime Enviroment installed. (can get it
Uploaded results can be found

You can also try the benchmark on a Linux server from command line interface.
wget http://www.testmycpu.com/cpubench.jar
java -jar cpubench.jar cli
java -jar cpubench.jar cli upload

*if java runtime is not installed on the system it can be downloaded:
wget -O jre-latest http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=74774
and untar on a temporary directory:
tar -zxvf jre-*
and run the benchmark from the extracted jre:
./jre*/bin/java -jar ./cpubench.jar cli upload
this way you can run the java application cleanly and then even delete all used files

contact: info at testmycpu dot com

latest submissions:

*your last submission may not appear if you have submitted a better result in the past with the same setup, however all submissions should show in the
results page.